First Baptist Church, Carson City, Michigan



Date: Theme: Snack:
9/5/2012 God loves me when I'm outside Breadsticks & Cheese
9/12/2012 God loves me when I'm inside Chocolate Chip Cookies
9/19/2012 God loves me when I'm sad Applesauce cups
9/26/2012 God loves me when I'm happy Mini Muffins
10/3/2012 God loves me when I'm afraid Teddy Grahams
10/10/2012 God loves me when I'm sleeping Bananas
10/17/2012 God loves me all the time A Chocolate & a Yellow Cookie
10/24/2012 God loves my family Mini Marshmallow
10/31/2012 God made the light (Day 1) Pretzel sticks & raisins
11/7/2012 God made the sky (Day 2) Flower shaped sugar cookies
11/14/2012 God made the trees and flowers (Day 3) Vanilla wafers with green frosting
11/21/2012 NO AWANA (Thanksgiving)  
11/28/2012 God made the grass and vegetables (Day 3) 3 carrot sticks & 3 green peppers
12/5/2012 God made the sun (Day 4) Ritz crackers & 2 circle cheese
12/12/2012 God made the stars (Day 4) Star shaped cookies
12/19/2012 God made the moon (Day 4)  
12/26/2012 NO AWANA (Christmas)  
1/2/2013 NO AWANA (New Year's) Cheese puffs
1/9/2013 God made the fish and the birds (Day 5) Gold fish crackers
1/16/2013 God made the animals (Day 6) "Puppy chow"
1/23/2013 God made the farm animals (Day6) Animal crackers
1/30/2013 God made the zoo animals (Day 6) Teddy grahams
2/6/2013 God made me (Day 6) oreo cookies, mini m&m, ETC
2/13/2013 God made my family (Day 6) Breadsticks & cheese
2/20/2013 God made everyone (Day 6) Chocolate chip cookies
2/27/2013 I Thank God for my food Graham crackers with frosting
3/6/2013 I Thank God for sunshine Applesauce cups
3/13/2013 I Thank God for flowers, plants, and trees Apple slices/ orange slices
3/20/2013 I Thank God for animals Banana
3/27/2013 I Thank God for people who care for me Cookies
4/10/2013 I Thank God for families Pretzels with cheese
4/17/2013 I Thank God for His love Surprise us
4/24/2013 I Thank God for the Bible Surprise us