First Baptist Church, Carson City, Michigan



Date Event Treat Treat Person
9/5/12 Creation Rice Krispies earth and Oreos  
9/12/12 Adam and Eve Apples/chocolate snake  
9/19/12 Murder of Abel gingerbread men  
9/26/12 Flood animal crackers  
10/3/12 Tower of Babel Graham crackers and frosting A. Niehof
10/10/12 Call of Abraham Donkey cookies K DeMott
10/17/12 Destruction of Sodom Anything salty J. Waldron
10/24/12 Birth of Isaac Birthday Cupcakes Co. Cunningham
10/31/12 Sacrifice of Isaac "stick" pretzels Co. Cunningham
11/7/12 Isaac's Marriage Wedding Cupcakes C Lund
11/14/12 Jacob/Esau - Birth/Blessing Birthday cupcakes A. Niehof
11/21/12 NO Cubbies (Thanksgiving)    
11/28/12 Coat of Many Colors coat cookies G. Oberlin
12/5/12 Birth of Moses Basket cookies H. McAlvey
12/12/12 Burning Bush Black licorice & red gumdrops J. Waldron
12/19/12 Birth of Jesus Birthday cupcakes A. Niehof
12/26/12 NO Cubbies (Christmas)    
1/2/13 NO Cubbies (New Years)    
1/9/13 Ten Plagues Gummy Frogs H. Parmenter
1/16/13 Red Sea Parts Blue Finger Jell-O H. Parmenter
1/23/13 Ten Commandments Fruit Roll Ups H. Parmenter
1/30/13 Twelve Spies Grapes H. Parmenter
2/6/13 Fall of Jericho Bugles Snack Crackers Co. Cunningham
2/13/13 Samson gingerbread men A. Niehof
2/20/13 Birth of Samuel Birthday Cupcakes C Lund
2/27/13 David and Goliath Any candy that looks like stones C. Ryan
3/6/13 Jonah and the Big Fish Fish crackers C. Ryan
3/13/13 Ruth Rolls or crackers G. Oberlin
3/20/13 Daniel and the Good Food 2 or 3 kinds of fruits H. McAlvey
3/27/13 Daniel and the Lion's den lion cookies Ca. Cunningham
4/3/13 NO CUBBIES (Spring Break)    
4/10/13 Shadrack, Meshack, & Abendigo Stick pretzels C. Ryan
4/17/13 Esther Crown cookies H. McAlvey
4/24/13 Elijah and the Chariot of Fire cloud cookies C Lund
5/1/13 Awards Ceremony