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Our Family (from left): Dalen, Riley, Alyssa, Molly,
Stacey, and PM
PM and Family
The PM File
My wife Stacey and I have enjoyed the
privilege of serving at my home church as
assistant pastor for over 20 years.  God has
blessed us with 4 children: Alyssa, Dalen,
Molly, and Riley.  

As part of the pastoral staff, I have the
privilege of coordinating ministry to junior
high and high school teens, and I oversee the
ministries of Sunday School, AWANA, and
Children's Church.  I have enjoyed being a
part of my community as a volunteer
firefighter, a mentor at the local school, and a
chaplain at the local hospital.  

My passions are pursuing Christ and loving
my family.  From time to time I am able to do
a little hunting, and I always enjoy things that
make life extremely funny.  Interestingly
enough, life often returns the favor!  Email
me back and tell me about yourself!
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